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Events So Far
2 Knowldege events have taken place in 6 years and each one is a potent mix of Fun, Learning, Networking, Food and Takeaways – at no charge whatsoever. The Event is always based on a Theme with new and “out of the box” dimensions that various Speakers illumine the audience on.
Often people walk in because others recommended without having little idea about what they are in store for but walk away immensely satisfied and become staunch followers of the Events. The Format of the interaction is often a Presentation Speech. Each capsule is normally 45 minutes and 10 minutes are of intense Q & A.      Come and experience for yourself!
Although many events are a 10 am  to 5 pm affair though participants are permitted to use their two feet to step in or out anytime they like, once or twice in a year, an overnight learning trip takes place leading to some fanatstic bonding. Dont miss the joy and fellowship
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